• Question: is it hard to be a director :)

    Asked by 393heaf38 to Si on 16 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Simon Willocks

      Simon Willocks answered on 16 Jun 2016:

      Hi …

      Good question…

      My team look to me to set plans of what we are going to do in the future – I do this by developing a strategy teams then compile team plans to help delivery this strategy…

      There are lots of things to be done all the time, which means I have to priorities my work.

      I work with a team of other Directors from other functions including Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Human Resources and Quality Control.. each have our own area of responsibility and together we lead the business forward.

      When I started my career I would have worried about being a Director – however with experience your confidence grows – its challenging and exciting…

      Hope that helps….