• Question: if you could give any tips what would it be?

    Asked by Jasmine7 to Si on 16 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Simon Willocks

      Simon Willocks answered on 16 Jun 2016:

      Hi Jasmine….

      Good question….

      Whatever career path you choose make sure you enjoy it – you will spend a lot of time at work.. so enjoying your work is very important.

      Challenge yourself – have a plan of what you would like to do during your career – think bold, think big…. and then own your career plan – you will need to drive it.

      Break your plan down into smaller steps and don’t be disheartened if doesn’t all go to plan .

      Don’t stop learning – learn via study, reading, learn from others.

      When you see a role , job you would like – Never think your not good enough… apply for it and let someone else decide !

      Most important – have fun !!!

      Good Luck !!