Simon Willocks

Photo: Si

Me and my Work: Head of a Function of 29 Engineering and SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) profressionals – helping to ensure the availability of safe, compliant effective and reliable manufacturing facility for global supply of a flu vaccine.

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Rebecca Pullon

Photo: Rebecca

Me and my Work: I provide doctors with mobile phones and tablets to help them monitor patients in clinical trials

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Laura O'Shea

Photo: Laura

Me and my Work: I aim to make sure our new fabrics and products can withstand the highest demands of performance so that athletes can rely upon them to train and play at their best.

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Krishnaa Mahbubani

Photo: Krish

Me and my Work: I’m looking for a way to successfuly freeze cells, tissues and organs so we can keep them longer and ensure they can be successfully transfused or transplanted.

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Julia Faerber

Photo: Julia

Me and my Work: I am a PhD student and involved in a project where we are developing a tiny pill that takes a live video of the human guts and beyond to uncover diseases such as cancer.

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